Broome Fishing

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Fishing Broome and its surroundings


This post will be your trusty Broome fishing guide on this captivating journey. We’ll dive deep into these fishing opportunities, sharing expert tips, insider secrets, and personal experiences to help you maximise your fishing adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to get your line wet, there’s something in store for you. Broome has beautiful scenery and abundant marine life, making fishing in Broome a unique experience. Here you will find diverse land-based, creek, reef, and sports fishing opportunities. So, is fishing good in Broome? No, it’s not just good. It is an extraordinary experience you wouldn’t want to miss, and we can’t wait to show you why. Let’s explore some Broome fishing spots and what kinds of fish are in the Broome area. 
catching coral trout in Broome.

Barcheek Coral Trout caught on a reef north of Broome .

Catching Barramundi in Western Australia.

Barramundi caught in Crab Creek Broome.

Broome reef fishing Bluebone.

Black Spot Tusk Fish caught near Cable Beach.

Broome Land-Based Fishing

Broome land-based fishing offers an unmatched experience. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a beginner, there’s something for everyone. Some of the most popular fishing spots are accessible from the shore, offering an angling adventure that pairs simplicity with thrill.

Roebuck bay

One of the best spots for Barramundi fishing in Broome, locally known as Barra, this fish can be found along the shore of many creeks in and around Roebuck Bay. Other species you might encounter are Threadfin Salmon, Blue Nose Salmon, a variety of Trevally species, Queen Fish and Mangrove Jacks.

Beach Fishing

Broome also offers excellent opportunities for beach fishing. The pristine beaches are not just for sunbathing or swimming but also as a fantastic venue for casting your line. Some fish species you can expect to catch from the beach are Blue Nose Salmon, Permit, Whiting, Flathead and many more. 

The Iconic Broome Jetty

And don’t forget the iconic Broome Jetty, a hotspot for local and visiting anglers alike, promising a rewarding jetty fishing experience. Whether targeting popular species like Large Queen Fish and Big Golden Trevallys or dropping a bait to the bottom for various reef species, Broome Jetty is a must-visit destination for fishing enthusiasts. (Tip Barramundi can also be caught here during the wet season). 
land based Barramundi fishing

A Barramundi at Willie Creek.

Threadfin salmon at Crab Creek.

Threadfin Salmon Caught in Roebuck Bay.

Broome Creek Fishing

Creek fishing in Broome is a local favourite, offering a unique environment teeming with various fish species. Creek fishing in Broome is best from November through March.

Threadfin Salmon

Threadfin Salmon, a species known for their fight, are popular catches in Crab Creek. The anticipation of reeling in a threadfin salmon in Broome will excite any angler. 


Where can I fish for barramundi in Broome? You May ask. Well, anglers flock to Broome in search for this iconic Australian sports fish, renowned for its acrobatic fight when hooked and excellent eating qualities. Barramundi is a common catch around Broome during the Wet season. Keep yourself protected from the sun with our UPF 50+ Barramundi Fishing Shirt.

Mangrove Jacks

Mangrove Jacks are another common fish caught while fishing in the creeks around Broome. They fight hard and are also great to eat, making them a prized fish for many anglers. Here is our complete How to Catch Mangrove Jacks guide to help you catch them.

Mud Crabs

Broome and the surrounding area is well known for producing large Mud Crabs in decent numbers. Therefore, Broome Mud Crabs are highly sought after. That’s why Our How To Catch Mud Crabs guide is very useful along with this UPF 50+ Mud Crab Fishing Shirt.


Threadfin Salmon.

Threadfin Salmon caught using live bait.

Large barramundi caught in Western Australia.

Barramundi caught during the Run-Off.

Maori Sea Perch caught in Western Australia.

Maori Sea Perch caught off Broome.

Red emperor fishing Broome

Red Emporer caught on the reef.

Broome Reef Fishing

Experience the vibrancy and excitement of reef fishing. The coral reefs surrounding Broome are rich in diverse marine life, making them a haven for fishing enthusiasts. Reef fishing in Broome is excellent all year round.

Diverse Broome Fish Species

From the renowned Coral Trout to the striking Blue Bone, the array of fish species on the reef is remarkable. Try your luck at catching some of the stunning fish species that call the reef their home. The unpredictability and the excitement of not knowing what might bite next makes reef fishing in Broome an unforgettable experience.
The different types of reef fish found in Broome are endless. Still, some commonly caught species include a variety of emperor species such as the Blue Lined Emperor and the iconic Red Emperor, Finger Mark, Estuary Cod, Stripy Sea Perch, Saddle Tail Sea Perch, Coral Trout and Black Spot Tusk Fish locally known as Blue Bone. Read our How To Catch Blue Bone Guide for great tips and tricks to hook one.

Responsible Reef Fishing

Make sure to follow best practices for reef fishing to ensure the sustainability of these precious ecosystems. As an angler, it’s crucial to prioritise conservation and be mindful of the impact on the reef. By practising responsible fishing techniques and respecting the marine environment, you contribute to preserving this natural treasure. We encourage the practice of catch and release and ask all anglers only to take what they need and adhere to the Bag and Size limits.  


Long tail tuna in Broome.

Long tail Tuna 

Broome reef fishing spots for mackerel

Spanish Mackerel caught trolling lures.

Broome Sports Fishing

For adrenaline-seeking anglers, Broome sports fishing offers thrills and excitement. Here, the sport is not just about the catch but also about the chase. The best time for sport fishing in Broome is from May to August.
The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush
Broome’s diverse marine life provides opportunities for targeting various species, each offering a unique challenge and thrill. Broome is arguably the best spot in Australia to catch Sailfish and other pelagic species such as Marlin, tuna and Mackerel. The combination of calm seas, azure skies, and abundant fish species sets Broome apart, offering a unique sports fishing experience. It’s an adventure that all fishing enthusiasts should experience at least once in their lifetime and why not do it in comfort and style with our Sailfish fishing shirt.


Fishing in Broome is more than just a pastime; it’s an adventure, a thrill, and an opportunity to connect with nature. Whether land-based, creek, reef, or sports fishing, each offers a unique flavour of excitement and joy. The diverse landscapes and rich marine life make Broome a fishing paradise, providing endless opportunities for anglers of all skill levels. Make sure to browse our range of Fishing Shirts before your next fishing adventure. 
sailfish sport fishing Broome

Sailfish Caught out from Barred Creek.