Fishing Shirts

We have a fishing shirt for the whole family so why not grab one today. Our range includes our unique designs with adult sizes from XS to 4XL and kids sizes 0-14. Check out our instagram page 

We strive to bring you the best fishing shirts that are affordable, comfortable and will protect you while outdoors.

Protection From The Sun

Fishing means spending a lot of time in the sun. All our long sleeve fishing shirts are UPF 50+ rated giving you the ultimate protection against the sun.

Sweat Absorption

No one wants to have a wet sweaty shirt that clings to your body that’s why our fishing shirts are manufactured with high-quality fabrics that soak up moisture quickly and leave you feeling fresh and dry.


Our range of lightweight fishing shirts are on average 25 percent lighter than other fishing shirts made from cotton. This makes our long sleeve fishing shirts extremely comfortable to wear.


We use a leading quality fabric that is woven in such a way that it provides airflow through the fishing shirt which in turn helps your body stay cooler and more comfortable in warmer climates. 


The fabric provides excellent stain resistance so no matter how dirty your fishing shirt gets it will always come out clean in the wash.

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