So what is a fishing shirt?

Well, it’s a shirt of course. But it’s SO much more than that…In fact, these high-tech fishing shirts are probably the coolest and most comfortable piece of saltwater fishing apparel you can wear on a boat. They are lightweight, breathable, wicking, stain-resistant, and made with some super-secret UPF 50+ fabric that keeps the sun from frying you like an egg in the pan.

The first thing most anglers notice about the Microfibre fishing shirts is that they are made from a very thin material. In fact, these fishing shirts are so thin that you can almost see through them. That’s good news when it comes to keeping cool.

What are fishing shirts made of?

When it comes to fishing apparel, we’ve left cotton shirts in the dust. Here’s why.

Cotton has a lot going for it. You can’t go wrong with something that’s natural and breathable and has a high UPF rating, but when it comes to staying cool and dry out in the sun all day long—and looking great doing it—polyester takes the cake.

This performance material wicks away moisture like no other, so you’ll stay cool and comfortable even after hours of catching fish. Plus, they’re perfect for sublimation printing, so you can wear a one-of-a-kind design without worrying about it fading or cracking over time.

The best part? It’s no more expensive than cotton now!

Durable sublimation printing

When you’re going on an adventure, your gear must hold up to whatever you put it through. When you choose our performance fishing shirts, you can rest assured that your look is made to last.

Our sublimation printing process is known as “Permanent” printing because the design is “Permanently burnt” into the fabric using a unique heat transfer form of printing. Because of its durability, this form of printing has been used for years in sports where top-of-the-line performance is mandatory.

So whether you’re a professional angler or just like doing a little fishing on the weekends, Reef Chief Australia’s performance fishing shirt looks good throughout every step of your journey.

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